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The Reason for God

"I came across this book by accident when I was looking for a different one written by the same author.  I bought it because of the endorsement by Rick Warren who said “This is the book I give to all my friends who are serious spiritual seekers or skeptics.”  The book addresses many of the most difficult questions people have about God and Christianity and the most important reasons for faith.   It is an excellent book and I would recommend it to you whether your faith is strong or nonexistent!  It was a New York Times Top Ten Bestseller." 

The Vicar of Baghdad - fighting for peace in the Middle East by Andrew White

"This is an amazing account of Canon Andrew White's life as he not only is deeply involved with rebuilding Iraq but has also over the years negotiated in many difficult situations. He is great man of faith, who incidentally suffers from multiple sclerosis, as he says himself "I live with a price on my head... The kind of people that I spend my time engaging with are not usually very nice. On the whole nice people do not cause wars." This is a challenging, fascinating and eye-opening read."

Plan B by Pete Wilson

"What do you do when God doesn’t show up the way you thought he would?  If you are going through difficulties  that make you cry out to God daily, desperate for him to answer your prayers – but nothing is happening and you feel let down by him – then this book may help you understand a bit better about what is going on.  Pete Wilson uses lots of real life stories which make it easy to read, and he tackles the hard questions that so many of us are facing every day.  Published by Thomas Nelson."

Faith under Fire by Andrew White

"Andrew White is a Church of England Canon who suffers from MS.  The Lord has, and is, using him mightily in Baghdad Iraq where he pastors a congregation of thousands.  They frequently experience the Glory of God around them, often members of his congregation go missing and are either kidnapped or killed, often bombs go off outside and the church and the church building been badly damaged.  Andrew has an armed guard supplied by the Iraqi government and has had a price on his head!  The book recounts Andrew's amazing journey of faith.  For me not only did his faith shine through but even more so his humility - it is a book you will not want to put down!"

Church: Why Bother? by Philip Yancey

“It is a short book, easy to read and with a simple message. The author shares some of his own experiences of church life, and along the way establishes that although the church is always imperfect, it is the body of Christ and through the church God does his work. I hope it will encourage and challenge you and you might even find yourself described in the pages!!!”

Francine Rivers Novels

“I have just discovered a couple of the Francine Rivers novels and I am looking forward to reading more!  The first one I read is called ‘A Voice in the Wind’ and is the story of a young Christian slave girl who with her deep faith struggles as she confronts the dark and decadent forces of Imperial Rome - this is the first of a trilogy and I am desperate to get the next one!  The second book I read is called ‘Redeeming Love’ set in the 1850’s at the time of the Gold Rush and features a young girl who was sold into prostitution as a child; it is a powerful retelling of the book of Hosea.  You won’t want to put either of these books down once you start reading them and will probably need some paper tissues at hand!” 

Simply Christian by Tom Wright

"This is the book I recommended when I preached.  The back cover describes it as ‘essential reading for anyone who wants to consider the real fundamentals of Christianity or is intrigued by its claims about the place of justice, beauty and love in our daily lives.’  It is a challenging read but well worth the effort!"

Just Walk Across the Room by Bill Hybels

"A good challenging read full of astounding personal stories of what happens when you follow the direction of the Holy Spirit and step out of your 'circle of comfort' and into encounters with people. The book gives lots of practical advice and simple steps to point people to faith. It shows how you can make the difference of an eternity for someone standing near you - and it all starts with a walk across the room!"

Possessing the Land by Roger Price

"I am sure you are all aware of the theme Brian shared concerning 'wandering in the wilderness and then possessing the land'. It is a great picture of a journey and there is much that we can learn and put into practice if we apply the principles to our life as church and as individuals. Some of you may be asking questions like, 'What does this actually mean for us as church and for me as I live my life?' This magnificent short book will hlp you understand how the lessons of the 'journey of the children of Israel' can be applied to the church today. If you do not believe me ask Dave - he is a big fan of Roger Price!"

Every Good Endeavour by Timothy Keller

“An excellent, thought-provoking book which will challenge many of the ways we think about work”. The fly cover says: “In today's increasingly competitive and insecure economic environment, we often question the reason for work: why am I doing this? Why is it so hard? And what can I do about it? Work may seem just a means to an end: we do it to earn the money to enjoy life outside the workplace. Here, Timothy Keller argues that God's plan is radically more ambitious: he actually created us to work. We are to work together to make the world a better place, to help each other, and so to find purpose for our lives. Our faith should enhance our work, and our work should develop our faith. With deep insight, Timothy Keller draws on essential and relevant biblical wisdom to address our questions about work. There is grace available if we have taken the wrong attitude, idolising money and using our careers to glorify ourselves rather than God. Keller shows how through excellence, integrity, discipline, creativity and passion in the workplace we can impact society for good. Developing a better attitude to work releases us to serve others humbly, to worship God every day, and leaves us deeply fulfilled.”

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